Join Our 6-week Online Course - End-of-Life Training

Join Our 6-week Online Course - End-of-Life Training

A 6-week Online Course 

All of us will die.
Do you know the tasks and skills needed to die well?


Whether you are currently living with a life-threatening illness or supporting someone who is, there are important steps to put into place to stay empowered and in control for as long as possible.

Join Claire O’Berry, Co-Founder of Dying Your Way, in this six-week training, you will learn to prepare for your

end-of-life journey.

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, family member, professional or proactive planner, this time together will practically educate and inspire you to look at death differently while fully supporting those you love.

You will become aware of your preferences and articulate them.

You will be inspired to complete all necessary End-Of-Life documents.

You will understand what is needed to die a natural death at home.

You will consider the importance of leaving a legacy and planning your own funeral.

You will learn the stages of dying and aftercare.

You will create your own

End-of-Life Plan.

The 6-week online course, End-of-Life Training

Your $497 USD registration fee includes unlimited access to:

  • DYW Portal Program

  • Your personal End-of-Life Plan

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Highly Recommend to Attend!

As the Founders of the Elysium Cruise Residence® and the exclusive Elysium Wellness Lifestyle™ initiative, innovative long-term aged care model, and social imperative, it has been an immense pleasure for Avril and I to have taken this thoughtful, authentic, caring, journey, along your crafted Dying Your Way course.

It has been more than a course, and more of a necessary journey to sincerely face real consideration for our parents, ourselves, and loved ones, at any age, that “Life is a terminal condition”. It makes sense to take advantage now, not later, to plan well and elegantly write how you want to write your story, or that of your loved ones. Your guidance, mentorship, genuine sincerity, highly intelligent, and emotionally thoughtful course is beautifully structured, and the best blend of heartfelt care and professionalism.

Your course, and your gentle leadership throughout, is from a place of love, light, and your life experience, to help others – and it shows and resonates. We highly recommend others attend, even if they don’t feel they need to, the course will lead everyone to their own epiphany!

With Love and Light,
Warmest regards,

André and Avril

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Our Vision is that all people are able to experience a conscious and sacred death free from fear, pain, and anxiety.


Our Mission is to promote, educate and provide services that will allow for an empowered and natural death, while utilizing wholistic palliative care to support the dying and their families.



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